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Christmas with fast loan

Is it a good option?

Christmas with fast loan is not a good option, experts say
With the approach of the holidays, we are increasingly encountering leaflets for Christmas loans.

That is why the Consumer Protection Committee calls on people to be careful what they sign, so that they will not end up in the hands of the collection companies.

Landlords guarantee quick approval even in bad credit history for small sums ranging from 300 to 1,000 pounds. Suggestions for Christmas loan, loose on the pillars, also appear for higher sums. In some cases, the offer is up to 5,000 pounds. Non-bank institutions that resort to this type of credit promise quick approval only against an ID card. They also attract sweepstakes from which mobile phones, laptops and TVs can be won.

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What about the same payday loans?

However, the same day payday loans for Christmas is not a good option and guarantees a return to much higher amounts and harassment by collector companies.
We appeal to citizens to get acquainted with terms and interests, and we do not advise them to borrow from non-financial institutions, trust the banks basically.
After New Year’s Eve, the experts of the Consumer Protection Committee will prepare a small booklet with financial advice, rights and obligations when concluding service contracts for citizens.

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Only more than 40 citizens’ signals have been collected for just two months since the start of the campaign to collect “Alerts against collector companies”. The bulk of this is about legally forbidden bills for mobile operators, namely small consumer and fast loans. Serious violations of consumer rights are linked to claims for unpaid debts, which they do not owe.

There are a number of signals and physical threats. Also for repeatedly higher than principal amounts, for which collector companies do not estimate how they are accrued.


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