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An Easy-Going End of Tenancy Cleaning Do Exist in Chelsea

What you think of when you hear about a Chelsea end of tenancy cleaning?

Most probably a clear image of a pretty unpleasant situation pops in your mind. Your house is messy and disgustingly unorganized. All your belongings, clothes, books, bits and pieces are in boxes and you have no idea what is where. Therefore, you are spending hours completing simple tasks as dressing up for a night out or preparing something for lunch. All the people around you who are moving out are stressed and all of them are constantly complaining. All your friends are getting annoyed by you constantly complaining, as well. Your life is something like a nightmare that lasts too long and you are impatiently waiting to wake up. And right in this situation, when you desire to burst into tears or go kill yourself, it is time for an end of tenancy cleaning.

But, please, don’t start checking nice advice and easy tips for committing a suicide, because if you are currently living in Chelsea there is a much better option. 

Living in Chelsea 🙂

Once upon a time, I was in a situation frighteningly similar to this one and I had lost hope. But then they came as an ultimate savior and someone who can bring me back to life. Well, they didn’t just come to my door, of course. I arranged an appointment after a friend of mine noticed my total despair and gave me their number and on the very next day, they were in my house.

The professional cleaners seemed more like angels and what they did leave me out of breath, but with a heart full of joy.

The final results were astonishing. Even those problems that seemed impossible for me were solved.

And I swam back up to the surface of the normal life.

Three Steps to clean wood furniture

Lovers of wooden furniture know what beauty and comfort they give to every home. An additional plus is that do not require much care and easy to maintain. When they are dirty and neglected, however, they are particularly sad picture. That’s why we offer several steps to clean wood furniture. If the final result is not satisfactory, you can always contact a specialist.

List of materials needed

To clean the wood in your home, you will need:

  • Detergent for Washing dishes
  • Cotton swabs for Face
  • Clean cotton rags
  • Water vessel
  • Wax tree
  • Mineral spirits or turpentine synthetic

First step – use detergent for dishes

Start with the simplest preparation in your household – this dishwashing. On a cotton swab for face put some of the preparation and apply it on a hidden part of the furniture, for example on the inside of the leg of the chair. If after two or three minutes on the chair no signs of injury, you may proceed. In the bowl of water dissolve the preparation and apply with a soft cotton cloth over the furniture. Be careful not to pour too much water on them.

Obtain with mineral spirits

The next important part of the cleaning comes with the application of mineral spirits or synthetic turpentine on wooden surfaces. They are almost always safe for the wood, but to stay calm, ideally repeat the test on a leg of a chair.

Apply the alcohol with a dry cotton cloth. This preparation is able to remove dirt and dust accumulated for years. Once the stains dissolve, pass the wooden surfaces with a clean damp cloth, then dry.

Apply wax to shine more

The final step that will really revitalize your furniture is to apply the wax for wood. Once the surface is dry cleaning, dry and clean cloth, apply plenty of wax. It will return the luster and beauty of your furniture that will look like the day you bought them.

If we remind you that the wood in your house needs renovation, but no time or desire to deal with cleaning, you can contact a professional like the carpet cleaning Billericay. Some traces of time can not be removed, so maybe it is time to consider new additions to furniture.

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Cleaning Company is Better than Cleaning by Yourself 

You have changed your place of residence, your job or your family has simply become bigger and you have to move out. There is, however, one thing you should do before that, the post tenancy cleaning, and now most of you wonder if hiring a cleaning company is the better option. The truth is there are 5 simple reasons that will convince everybody.

  1. Detergents and cleaning tools

When you’ve decided to start cleaning you go to the shop and face a whole stand full of different kinds of cleaning products. After a lot of consideration you finally decide which ones to buy, though they rarely are the best ones. You go home start using them and realize they are not what you’ve expected. Although you don’t want to spend some time going back to the shop and put up with what you have. The cleaning company on the other hand has tried many different detergents and cleaning tools and knows which of them are the best. They also have a great variety of products which are unlikely to be possessed by a single household.

Also you can always contact a cleaning company, just click here.

  1. Technique

The people who work for a cleaning company are well trained. Not only that, but also they are doing after tenancy cleanings every day and are skilled and experienced. They have different method of approach and indeed a better technique. So the fact that they will clean your home better is completely logical and if you want the work to be done better and faster, hiring a cleaning company is definitely the right choice.

  1. Priorities

Okey, let’s assume that you are simply good at cleaning, you can do it well and with pleasure. The move out cleaning, however, is not a simple bathroom washing and you will need a lot more time. And if you are working 8 hours a day, you will have to go on leave. So you won’t be able to get the full amount of your salary and you will be stuck at home cleaning. That’s seriously not the best offer. If you hire a cleaning company, however, you won’t have to change your daily routine, you won’t have to give so much money and you will have the chance to use your holidays for a trip to the seaside or a weekend in Paris.

  1. Time-saving

If you try doing the move out cleaning by yourself you’ll probably be able. You will, however, need too much time – for preparation, organization, gathering helpers, buying detergents and cleaning tools, and of course for cleaning, and you will have to devote a whole week. The company you hire will provide several people for your home, who will come with everything they need. And as they have a lot better technique, they will need a lot less than a week.

  1. Result

And now the cleaning company has done everything needed. You go home and see the result – a perfectly cleaned and organized flat – the checklist is all fulfilled.

How to find good professional cleaners in London?

Recently people have started to hire professional help to clean their homes.

cleaning-up-294085_1280People living in London who have very busy lifestyles prefer to call the professional cleaners to help them with the cleaning as they simply don’t have the time to do so themselves. However, the market is getting flooded with cleaners who claim to be the best. Choosing professional cleaners in London is an even more challenging task as there are hundreds of agencies offering their excellent services. If you are looking to hire professional help to get your property in order for the summer, then you need to know certain things that would make your search not only easier but a lot more productive.


Step one of your research should be asking your family and friends for recommendations of cleaners that they have used already. This is the best way to find reputable cleaners without too much research. If you have nobody to ask, then trust Google’s independent reviews as people there share their honest experience. Don’t just go for the cheapest but try and find the best.

A good professional cleaning company is SYK Cleaning, you can always contact them for help here.

Speak to the cleaners

Once you have narrowed down your choice to at least 3 cleaning agencies in London, you need to give each one a call. Ask them questions that concern the service you want to receive. Here are some sample questions you could ask – Are you working with a flexible schedule? Do you charge per hour or do you have fixed rates? Do you offer bespoke quotes to match my requirements? Are you insured? Are your prices inclusive of everything? Do you have a money back guarantee? The answers you get to your questions will help you choose the cleaners that are just right for you.

Finding cleaners in London can sometimes be time consuming but the research will be well worth it when you land on the right ones.

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